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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to sign up or pay fees to receive services from Totavo ?

A. No, there are no sign up fees. Opening an account is optional but helps making future orders less time consuming.

Q. Where do Totavo products come from ?

A. Some dry products come from our inventory, but fresh foods are picked up at your local markets or partners (boucher, baker, fruit store) on the day of delivery to ensure their freshness.

Q. How can I ensure that the products I selected are fresh ?

A. We take time to carefully chose the freshest produce, if a given market does not meet our stringent requirements, we will re route to alternate markets until your produce meets our highest quality standards.

Q. What happens when a product I've ordered isn't available ?

A. We will make numerous stops at various markets to find your product and we are confident we will fully meet the orders 99.9% of the time. If however, we've failed to procure any given product, our delivery team will propose a substitute, often times the same product in a larger size (difference in price covered by Totavo). You may also decide not to accept the substitute, in which case Totavo will credit you for the full value of the item.

Q. Can I decide when my order will be delivered ?

A. Yes. The delivery time slots are 2 or 3 hours long and cover a period that ranges from 11:00am to 11:00pm. Orders that have been confirmed before 7h AM (Montreal time) are available for same day delivery.  You can select the time slot of your choice when you confirm your order. In your account you can as well select the option of receiving an instant message on your portable device as our delivery man approaches.

Q. Will there be delivery fees added to my order ?

A. Orders over 150$ are free of charge. Orders under 150$ but exceeding 100$ will see a assembly/delivery fee of 4.99$ added at checkout. Orders under 100$ will see a assembly/delivery fee of 8.99$ added at checkout.

Q. What happens if I’m absent at the moment of the delivery ?

A. Someone has to be present at the moment of the delivery. We will not leave your order unattended. If you’re absent, someone from our customer service department will contact you to reschedule an alternate delivery time. Please see terms and conditions for more details.     

Q. Can I add a product on my order that is not on the website ?

A. Yes. You can add any desired product by filling out a text field during the confirmation of your order. You can even recommend for an item to be part of our permanent selection by contacting us via email.      

Q. Can I return empty cans or bottles to the delivery personnel ?

A. Yes, ‘consigné Québec’ bottles or cans only. However, the amount of the refund will not be given to you in cash. Instead, it will be donated to MOISSON MONTREAL. A monthly donation will be made on behalf of our clients.  

Q. Do I have to tip the delivery personnel ?

A. Tips are not mandatory, however our delivery personnel will greatly appreciate the gesture if you deem the service received worthy of notice.    

Q. What happens if I wish to return an item or make changes to my order ? 

A. No problem! Your satisfaction is our priority. Contact us concerning your request and the situation will be corrected and/or a credit will be applied immediately depending on your preference. Please see terms and conditions for more details.   

Q. What payment methods are accepted ?

A. VISA and MASTER CARD credit or debit cards.

Q. Is my payment secure ?  

A. The Desjardins Monetico payment platform used by Totavo uses the highest security standards. The confidentiality of your personal information is guaranteed.