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Beatrice Long (translated from French)

«I have been ordering groceries from Totavo for over a year now. Their service is always curteous and their prices are more than fair. Fruits and vegetables are very fresh and most of the time the meat is from independent bouchers. This delivery service also allows me to treat myself to heavier items that I couldn't anymore, like melons! Thank you Totavo!»

Veronique J (translated from French)

«We have used your services for the second time and we are very satisfied. Website is easy to use, delivery windows always respected, detailed invoices. Courteous personnel as well. We will definitely continue shopping here!»

Ryan Cashion

«I have to say I was very impressed with the delivery you made to me today. I was stuck at home mostly immobile with a broken big toe and so I simply did a Google search for grocery delivery in Montreal and up came your website. After realizing I could order quite a large variety of food at decent prices, (...) I saw free delivery for over $150 which is even more amazing. I was also impressed at the fact that it was delivered in a great, sturdy box and a refrigerated cooler with ice-packs for all of the frozen and refrigerator items.»

Anne-Marie Vaillancourt (translated from French)

«I have been ordering on Totavo for a while now (doing it once more as we speak!), the service is always excellent! I recommend.»

Aurore Le Bourdon (translated from French)

«I used Totavo for the first time yesterday and I'm already conquered. Website is friendly and it's easy to shop around and fill the cart. I like the idea of not having to open up an account too. Delivery was fantastic, friendly and helpful personnel, txt message just before: perfect! (...) I already can't live without it!»

Nicko Brisebois (translated from French)

«This is a great start-up, since I'm a student and therefore often short on time, I wanted to mention that your services are greatly appreciated.»

Suzanne Jutras (translated from French)

«I'm satisfied with the products, well and cleanly packaged plus the service is perfect.»

Denise Choquette (translated from French)

«We began using Totavo 6 weeks ago with only great things to say about it. Product quality is constant, our special demands our met with the greatest attention, communications are very courteous and delivery windows are always met. All these qualities make this service a real 'must' for me and my husband who are handicapped and unable to shop for groceries the conventional way. Congratulations for putting this in place. We recommend Totavo with great enthusiasm and wish it long life!»

Pierre-Luc Roy (translated from French)

«I received my first Totavo order today. I am very satisfied and I will continue to use this service. Thank you.»

Robin Vézina (translated from French)

«I just received my first order. Very good product quality and service! I recommend it to everyone.»

Richard Guimond (translated from French)

«I was really impressed with both the service and the quality of the items we received ! Long live Totavo !»

Karine Patry (translated from French)

«I tried Totavo for the first time yesterday and received my groceries today. I wanted to say how greatly satisfied I am. The website is user friendly, prices are low, the delivery was very efficient (I especially liked receiving a txt msg prior to delivery) and a few items that I asked for were added to the site right away. (...) I wish you continued success and I will definitly become a repeat costumer.»

Patricia Garvey (translated from French)

«What a great service! I love it, love it, love it. I'm talking about it to everyone I know. Thank you.»

Sylvie Dunlop (translated from French)

«I just got back from work at midnight and it's awesome to have my groceries already delivered. I wanted to take the time to thank you for such an excellent service. I could not have picked fresher items if I did all the shopping myself... ;))))»

Marie-Louise Demers (translated from French)

«I'm really impressed by how excellent your service is! Thank you so much!»

Emmanuelle Giasson (translated from French)

«I received my first Totavo delivery this Sunday and the service was impeccable, nicely done!»

Cécile Dupuis (translated from French)

«Very easy to use and the service was impeccable. All you need is a credit card, a computer and you're good to go.»

Philippe Noël (translated from French)

«Great service once more from Totavo's team. I have classes to attend right after work so I don't have much time for grocery shopping. Ordering online with Totavo saved me precious time and the quality of their meat & produce exceeded my expectations.»

Janick Gravel (translated from French)

«I tried Totavo for the first time this week and I have to say that I was really pleased with the service, really :) I also appreciated the fact that they added an extra onion to my order because they saw that one from my package wasn't in really good shape, nice touch.

Good idea, this service was missing before! :)»

Philippe Noël (translated from French)

«At first I have to admit I was a little reluctant to have someone else pick my produce and fresh meat for me. I still gave it a shot because I was running short on time and it turns out I was really impressed with the quality of everything delivered. I recommend saving precious time with Totavo to everybody.»

Patrick Higgins (translated from French)

«I recently made a product suggestion for an item I had issues finding at regular local stores. The next day, I received note that the item had been added to Totavo's selection and was already available to order on the site! Now I can save even more time in my weekly shopping.

Nice job, thank you Totavo!»