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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Latest revision: August 4th 2016

Totavo welcomes you to a smarter way of shopping. Please ensure you review the conditions of use detailed below, they constitute an official agreement between you and Totavo (hereby known as 'the site') when you browse or purchase items through the site. Placing an order on the site confirms your understanding and acceptance of all the terms and conditions listed below. If you have any questions on any or all aspects of the below text, please contact us before proceeding with an order.


Products and services offered by this site are 100% guaranteed. Contact us up to 24 hours after a delivery to inform us of any problems. If a problem does arise, you have one of two options available to you: we can deliver a replacement product to you or we can apply a credit to your account.

Replacement of missing items

You will receive an email confirmation of your order and a copy of your receipt detailing each item and its price. Please ensure you keep the order identification number (Order ID) as it will be used as a unique reference if required. All orders are confirmed before being transmitted and our delivery team will ensure that 99.9% of the items are delivered. In case of product substitution (rare), these are processed at no extra charge to you by means of an equivalent product or same product in a bigger size. Our delivery team is also available to go through the order a second time with you if such a request is made. If after all these checks, a mistake makes its way into your order, advise us immediately and we will do our best to correct the situation on the same day (if possible depending on the time of day we receive the information, your availability and the products availability).  Alternatively, you may elect to chose a different delivery time or a credit equivalent to the amount paid for the missing product. This does not apply to products ordered and delivered in good condition.

Ordering on line

In order for our service to stay efficient and modern, only orders placed on line through the site will be accepted. Orders placed via phone, email or fax will not be considered. Your credit or debit card will be billed for the total amount when you confirm your order on the site. Only orders for which the site receives payment confirmation will be delivered.

You may elect to receive your order the same day if the order is submitted before 7h AM (Montreal time). An alternate date can be selected for delivery up to one (1) year following the order confirmation.

The site is not responsible for incomplete orders or any unpaid items in your electronic shopping cart.

Only promotional coupons distributed through the site will be accepted and must be entered on the site before completing the transaction. The rebate will be subtracted from the total amount to be billed. No other form of discount or rebate is accepted.

Removal of items from a completed order

If an order has been confirmed with a delivery date later than the day of the order confirmation, contact us to relay the desired changes and receive a full credit for the removed item or items. If an order has been confirmed with the same delivery date as the order confirmation, the site must be informed of the change BEFORE delivery and a credit equal to 75% of the value of the removed articles as the delivery team must disassemble the order .

Adding items to a confirmed order

In this situation, simply make another order on the site using the same delivery information as the original order. Please note that certain item prices may have changed since the previous order. A delivery fee will apply to the second order, however, if the order is placed early enough and that the initial shipping window remains available (7h AM Montreal time on the day of delivery), both orders will be delivered simultaneously and the delivery fee for the second order will be credited.

Complete cancellation of a confirmed order

If an order has been confirmed with a delivery date later than the day of the order confirmation, contact us to convey your intention to cancel the order and receive a full credit. If an order has been confirmed with the same delivery date as the order confirmation, the site must be informed of the cancellation BEFORE delivery and a credit equal to 75% of the value of the order as the delivery team must disassemble the order.

Products and Prices

Prices listed on the site are subject to change without notice. Pictures posted on the site are for informative purposes only. The site is not responsible for changes in packaging, size, or the products appearance and does not guarantee that the products delivered will be identical to the pictures posted on the site. The site commits to delivering the items corresponding to the text description. The text description of each product shall supersede the pictures in every instance. The site reserves the right to limit the quantity of certain products without notice, any reduction in item quantities will translate into an equivalent credit.


Someone must be present at the requested time of delivery. We will not leave your order unattended. If the delivery team is present during the agreed to delivery window and no one is on site, you will be contacted to set an alternate delivery time. Please note that a second delivery fee will apply. If the delivery team doesn't show up during the requested delivery window, you will also be contacted to confirm an alternate time for delivery with no additional fees. Unless extenuating circumstances are at the root of the late delivery, such as but not limited to: snow storm, road accident, you may elect to cancel the order for a full refund.


The site is committing to respecting the listed prices and to offer its services only within the aforementioned geographical territory. Territory served by the site is subject to change without warning.

Liability limitation

Services offered by the site act as delivery intermediary between yourself and various suppliers, producers or sellers. The site does not represent these suppliers and partners and is not responsible for the information they provide or their guarantees. This may include but is not limited to: information included on the packaging such as the list of ingredients or potential food allergy risks. The site is not responsible for the information or the use of products or services provided by these suppliers, merchants, producers or sellers whether or not they are affiliated to or delivered by the site.


The name Totavo is registered. The site is sole owner of all texts contained within the site, any unauthorized use of the site's content is strictly forbidden. All pictures or logos referencing other brands appearing on the site remain the sole property of their authors and rightful owners.  Use of the site does not give right or transfer the ownership of this material regardless of whether this content is owned by the site or other entities. The site content is displayed for viewing purposes and must only be used as a general indication. All other use of the site content is strictly forbidden unless written authorization from the site is given.


Customers choosing to use the services provided by the site are responsible to provide the accurate information required by the site, this is necessary for billing and order delivery purposes. All fees, direct or indirect damages stemming from erroneous information are the sole responsibility of the individual or entity providing the information. The site commits to keeping all of the information collected strictly confidential. Whomever provides their email address in order to receive the site newsletter does so on their own accord. The site will only send its newsletter to individuals having previously accepted to receive it and will have the option to  unsubscribe at any time. The site commits to a newsletter frequency of no greater than one (1) per week and for said newsletter to have pertinent content (information, promotions).


No employee, owner, manager, representative, supplier, partner or merchant affiliated directly or indirectly to the site (hereby known as 'the affiliates') can be held legally liable for direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the site. This includes but is not limited to any and all loss of profit, loss of information, loss of revenue, bodily harm or damage to property related to the use or the inability to use the site. Sole responsibility of the site is limited to crediting any defective or unavailable product. The only recourse available to a customer having incurred damages or prejudices through the use of the site is to stop using the site.

The site reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use at any moment, but commits to always display the last revision date on the site. It's the customers sole responsibility when confirming an order that they've reviewed the changes when applicable and to accept the most current revision of the conditions of use.


Customers wishing to use the site's services are aware that all fees incurred through the complete process are their responsibility, as an example but not limited to: fees related to internet usage or telephone fees. Customers understand and accept that the access to the site can be: unavailable for a certain period of time, suffer from slow loading times due to technical issues, down time due to maintenance or other issues which are not foreseeable. Such scenarios, however unfortunate, cannot result in any type of recourse against the site.